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Masters Academy is the leading provider of debating and public speaking pedagogy.

We have just launched our first online Elective PD course to help reach teachers across NSW with our best in class training.

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Give your teams an edge with the latest in debating pedagogy from the state's leaders.


Understand what adjudicators look for and how they reach their decisions.


Learn what it takes to start or continue a successful debating program at your school.

What you will learn

If you run debating at your school or plan to, this proven course will take your debating practice to the next level! This course is suitable for beginners looking to learn the basics as well as experienced coaches and coordinators looking for an update on the latest in debating pedagogy.

Learn from the best

For the last 7 years, we have been the provider of professional development on debating and public speaking pedagogy. Hundreds of teachers have received training hours through our in-person courses around the state and have consistently responded with glowing feedback.

Due to the NESA restructure of Professional Development accreditation, we are currently waiting for the new guidelines and information to be released for providers.

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Hundreds of Schools & Teachers Trust Masters Academy


The Canobolas Rural Technology HS

"This should be a necessary course for any teacher intending to coach debating. Great PD."


Trinity Grammar Preparatory School

"An excellent workshop, well-paced and packed with high quality, up-to-date, relevant information."


Broughton Anglican College

"Even though it left me with a LOT to process, I have some clear immediate steps I can make to help my debating students make the most of their experiences."


Arkana College

"A very engaging and insightful PD. I would recommend the session to all teachers."


Lithgow High School

"Absolutely brilliant, practical and insightful. The ideas, activities, and work are adaptable, and useful for debating, public speaking, and all aspects of persuasive writing and speaking."


Molong Central School

"Thank you for bringing your expertise to Central West NSW, I particularly liked the booklet and your willingness to answer questions."


Full Course


  • Instant Online Access
  • 24/7 Do-At-Your-Own-Pace
  • 90 Days Access
  • Beginner Level
  • 6 Modules
  • Integrated Assessments
  • Support and Advice Before, During and After Course

Debating and Public Speaking Pedagogy


For teachers looking to get started with debating coaching, adjudication and/or comp coordination


This course has been carefully designed to provide a comprehensive and practical introduction to debating coaching, adjudication and coordination.


  • Course IntroductionGet to know James Smith and Sarah Jackson, our two most experienced debating educators
  • Module 1 - Introducing Conflict DebatingLearn about different types of debating, topics and what we do in NSW
  • Module 2 - The 3 Ms of DebatingUnderstand the unique roles of Matter, Method and Manner in winning debates
  • Module 3 - MethodDeep dive into Method, the most complex and unique-to-debating of the 3 Ms
  • Module 4 - Adjudication FundamentalsLearn what adjudicators look for and how they determine winners in debates
  • Module 5 - Adjudication PracticeAdjudicate a real PDC state final and watch your instructors deconstruct each speech
  • Module 6 - Classroom Practice and ResourcesLearn about hosting debates, finding adjudicators and other logistical details that enable debating
  • Course Wrap Up


Written Content

Written content was prepared specifically for this course - that's over 15,000 words of specialty debating knowledge!

Video Content

Over 2 hours of brand new video content has been developed exclusively for this course!

Quizzes and Downloads

Fun quizzes and useful downloads will help solidify your learning and assist your future coaching.

About Masters Academy

Masters Academy is the leading provider of communication education services for primary and secondary schools in New South Wales. Specialising in persuasive communication, we focus on the development of debating and public speaking skills.

‚ÄčOur team works with thousands of students and hundreds of teachers each year to improve their communication abilities for school, work and life. Over the last 13 years, we have developed and refined our own teaching methodologies and created a unique approach to communication education.

Masters Academy is a teacher's best friend when it comes to staying on the cutting edge of debating and public speaking pedagogy.

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